Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack On Amazon: Too Expensive



TheGroupDeal, the guys selling it on amazon, are pulling a fast one on a lot of people!

Check out the prices of Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack on (in US$)

1 Month Supply$99.99 (Free US Delivery)
2 Month Supply – $179.99 or $90/mth  (Free US Delivery)
3 Month Supply – $239.99 or $80/mth  (Free US Delivery)

Now check out the prices on Pareto Nutrition’s original website:

1 Month Supply$97
2 Month Supply
– $153 or $76.50/mth  (Free Worldwide Delivery)
3 Month Supply – $197 or $65.67/mth  (Free Worldwide Delivery)
6 Month Supply – $348 or $58/mth  (Free Worldwide Delivery)

I’ll let the numbers speak for itself.

Oh, not to mention, you can get Pareto Nutrition’s discount code just by ‘Liking’ their facebook page.

So, go only if you want to buy the PAGG Stack seperately.

Glad to be of service =)


Click here to ‘Like’ Pareto Nutrition’s facebook page and get a discount code

Click here to purchase the PAGG Stack directly from Pareto Nutrition


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