Quick and Easy:

– To spread the good word of the Four Hour Body

– To help you find the best deals for supplements around the world

– To put my previous experience with selling and using supplements to good use, going straight to the core, making all the information relevent and easy to understand.


If you're long winded…like me…:

Hey guys, I'm Aaron from the little red dot called Singapore.

I was in pretty good physical shape, especially so when I was going through national service a few years back.

In Singapore, all males who reach the age of 18 are required to go through a 2 year conscription with either the Singapore Police Force, Civil Defence Force, or the Armed Forces.

During that time, I could run 2.4 kilometers in 9 minute 31 seconds, do 10 pullups and had…I dare say…a pretty decent six pack =p

All that changed when I was hospitalised for meningitis towards the last 6 months of my national service. Since then, I've lost momentum, became physically inactive and…grown…as a result.

I went from 75kg to 83kg, and then the from March to December 2010, I ended at 93.3kg. Shift work, stress and laziness being the main contributors.

Then I came across a book: "The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman"

Long story short:

As you can see at the 'My Results' column, I've lost quite a bit of weight over the past few months.

With little or no exercise. Eating almost all the crap I want. Having supper every night.

Part of the regime recommends the use of certain supplements (keyword – recommends. It is not required) and equipment. They are for pretty non-chemical-ish items like garlic and items like the kettlebell. The problem with the link provided in the books is that it's based on a US reseller with pretty expensive overseas shipping rates.

The funny thing is…the same supplements are RIDICULOUSY expensive in Singapore….they cost more than having it shipped from the US! (On some occasions..it's like 4x more). believe it's the same deal in the UK, Australia and many other countries.

So I spent a few days searching online for a cheap supplier. I ended up with 2 sites:

Bodybuilding.com – for cheap supplements

iHerb.com – for cheap natural products (Remember to use code ZEL439 to get $5 your first purchase)

It's fantastic, the prices are cheap, up to 80% lower than Singaporean prices (inc delivery costs!), based in the US and have very cheap international delivery!

Apart from that, I noted that there were companies who were starting to sell the PAGG Stack as a package. Problem was, a couple of them didn't know what they were doing and was spreading misinformation!

So, my hope is that with this blog, I can help spread the word of affordable supplements and using my previous experience with analysing and recommending supplements to cut through all the hype and misinformation, making sure everyone's getting the right thing.


In the meantime, here's a quickstart list to saving time and money:

Supplements US/Can: Amazon.com's Diet and Nutrition Section

Supplements Worldwide: Bodybuilding.com

Natural Products Worldwide: iHerb.com
(Use code ZEL439 to get $5 your first purchase!)

The PAGG Stack Made Easy: Pareto Nutrition's PAGG Stack (Find Out Why)

A Fantastic Forum for 4HB: 4HB Talk