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For those of you in the US, it’s easy: stick to Amazon. It’s about 5-10% cheaper than popular sites like and most of the items come with free delivery. Lucky you!

For those of you outside of the US, like me, there’s only one place to go:

Now, Why iHerb?

It’s Cheaper. Period. They have great prices, fantastic shipping options, and then, you have the weak US currency. Add them together and you get a recipe for a butt-load of savings.

I will compare the following products for Singapore, UK and Australia:

  • Now Foods, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), 250mg, 120 caps
  • Life Extension, Mega Green Tea Extract, 725mg for 326mg EGCG, 100 caps
  • Nature’s Way, Garlicin Odor-Free Garlic, 90 tablets

Check out items you fancy at GNC as well. Most items sold at GNC are also available at Bodybuilding…for much, much less. Supplements in Singapore are ridiculously expensive…even after the so called discounts.

I’ve always wondered how stores like GNC could ever make a profit with their ‘fantastic offers’…heavy mark-ups did cross my mine but I could never prove it, until now!

If it’s already that expensive in Singapore…I know for a fact that it will be even more expensive in Australia, UK, other parts of Europe and even places like Philipines and Indonesia, where the import duties are..fantastic.

And you know what? Get your spices and essential oils as well! They have popular brands like Simply Organic spices and Aura Cacia essential oils. All your supplement and natural food needs in one place.

So, why Long story short:

  • Cheaper, much cheaper, especially if you’re outside of the US
    (I’ve been getting emails of 50+% savings!)
    (Singaporeans..even Nutrifirst and Nutripark’s nowhere close)
  • Huge Variety, with most brands represented
  • Huge Additional Savings on Shipping 
    (Just a few bucks..even for large orders)

Get cheap supplements in Singapore, Australia, UK or anywhere outside of the US.
Click Here for (Use Code ZEL439 to get US$5 off your 1st order)


  1. cheap supplements says

    cool, has been saved, i feel so happy once i see save, or discount. actually i don’t need to be strong like the guy in the picture.

    1. Aaron says

      hahaha! I bet you’re much better looking!

      Remember to use the code for additional discount on your first purchase ^^

  2. Richard says

    Thanks for the tip man, saved me almost 50% ordering direct from the site linked by Tim.

    I’m in the UK and was looking up a good source of supplements. I had found most of them on amazon, but apparently inferior quality.

    1 month of PAGG stack from iHerb cost me around £50 including UPS shipping so you can’t get a much better deal than that!

    1. Aaron says

      Glad to be of service ^^

      Oh btw, you can get additional savings if you buy a few of the same item (4 and above), great for things that you use regularly

      How are the prices in the local stores back in the UK? Pretty steep eh?

  3. Eugene says

    Hi is great for russia too!

    1. Aaron says

      yes it is ^^

  4. Jeff says

    Wow, this site is great!! cheaper and faster shipping then!!! thanks!!! im getting my quest bars from iherb from now on 😀 btw did you earn commission from them? you help them promote so much 😀

    1. Aaron says

      If you used the discount code, then yes, I do, as outlined in the disclaimer =)

      I’m glad you found them useful, as I had. Remember you can earn if you pass your code along to your friends as well!

  5. T Cheng says

    Thanks for the recommendation. Bought some fish oil form iherb.  Total cost is much cheaper than buying from Amazon when the shipping cost is factiored in – S$65 from iherb comapared to S$100 from Amazon approxiamtely.

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