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PAGG Stack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it required for the slow carb diet?

No. You do not need to use it if you don’t want to. It’s more of an enhancer than anything else, to help accelerate weight loss. That said, because it consists of ingredients that are known to give a lot of health benefits, lots of people take it anyway.

How does it work?

The ingredients work together to:

  • Increase metabolism
  • Prevent storage of excess carbohydrates as fats
  • Help remove stubborn mature fat cells

And a mariad of other processes. The whole idea is to help you safely maximise fat lose.

Are the results proven?

Tim Ferriss’ been experimenting on himself for a long, long time. He first discovered the ingredients, their effects and the amounts required, then for the book, he grabbed a large group of people to replicate his findings.

So, in a way, yes, even though it’s not official research by some big shot institute, the results have been proven to work.

Not only that. If you look around, there are many cases where people have used it to help break through plateaus.

Are there any side-effects? PAGG Stack vs ECA Stack.

Apart from needing to take the usual precautions, no. The PAGG was created with the lack of side-effects in mind.

The PAGG was actually created to replace the famed ECA weight loss stack. This is because even though the ECA stack worked, it came with some negative side effects, some of which was personally experienced by Tim (pg 115-116 of the book) . In the end, Tim created PAGG so that he could get similar results without hurting himself.

Long story short, apart from a little acid reflex, which will be addressed in the next question, the only PAGG Stack side effects are positive.

As always however, remember to seek proper medical advise when required.

Read more about the ECA stack here

What if I get acid reflux?

Some people get an acid reflux (burping or heartburn) from taking Alpha-Lipoic Acid.  If you’re one of these people we recommend taking the AGG with some food, either right before a meal, or after the first few bites.  You will still experience benefits from the supplement and the food will help buffer the acid.

If it still happens, lower the Alpha Lipoc Acid (ALA) amount to a comfortable level.

Some people have reported that they don’t get the same problems when using R-ALA, the higher quality version of ALA that’s readily absorbed by the body. It also helps that you only need half the R-ALA to get the same, if not better results than standard ALA.  Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack is a good example of a packaged PAGG product that uses R-ALA. If not, you can get stand alone R-ALA, like Doctor’s Best R-ALA.

Personally, I don’t get the acid reflux when I use R-ALA or Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack.

Read more about R-ALA here

Before or after a meal?

The book says prior to a meal, so 15 – 30 minutes before a meal is ideal.

Why do you need to take PAGG rest periods?

The recommendation is to take 1 day off per week, with one full week off every 2 months.

Main reason is to prevent the body from getting used to it.

Another reason is biochemical changes in the body. It’s a bit like exercising; you need to take a rest so that your body can recuperate, rebuild and improve. It’s the same for your body. The PAGG Stack encourages lots of positive biochemical changes but it needs to take a rest as well.

I want to keep it going. Will anything happen if I don’t take a rest?

It’s not like you’d break down or anything, but really, in this case, less is more. As previously explained, this is really to help maximise the effectiveness of the PAGG Stack.

So, you want to keep it going? Rest.

When is a good day to take a PAGG Stack rest day?

Up to you really, though you’d want to keep PAGG Stack on your binge day.

Personally, I like to take the rest on the day before the binge. It’s easier for me to remember.

 Does it help build muscle?

Quite unlikely. The main purpose of the PAGG Stack is to help maximise fat lose in a safe manner.

You’d notice that other products like creatine are recommended in chapters like ‘Geek To Freak’ where the focus is to build muscle and bulk up.

Should I get the PAGG Stack seperately or one of those packaged ones?

I discussed that in length in this article: The PAGG Stack – Packaged or DIY?

In terms of convenience, it’s really a no-brainer. Getting a packaged, all-in-one capsule setup is much more convenient. You swallow less and carry less.

Here’s a picture I took recently so that you could see the difference. It’s for a 5 day supply:

Now, take that, times 6 and you have the amount for 30 days. Makes a lot of difference doesn’t it?

In terms of cost, most of these packaged stacks get cheaper when you order more at one go. And it’s not like you have to order hundreds of bottles, just getting 2 months brings the costs down to almost the same as buying them individually, with much added convenience.

Where to buy the PAGG Stack?

If you’re in the US and wish to buy the components seperately, go Amazon. Best prices and mostly with free delivery

If you’re Outside the US, (UK, Australia, Singapore, etc), go Good prices with affordable delivery options. I’m from singapore and it’s where I get my supplements from. I compare the prices for Singapore, UK and Australia in this article: Cheap Supplements

If you don’t want the long story, get Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack. It’s simple, convenient, safe and with the right amount of the best ingredients. Free delivery with 2 months or more to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and anywhere in the world really.

Do read the following articles if you want to learn more:
The PAGG Stack – DIY or Packaged?
The PAGG Stack – Review and Comprison
Cheap Supplements for Singapore, UK, Australia and possibly, the world


Does it help increase testosterone levels?

Unlikely. When the stack was being tested, Tim was looking for its ability to reduce body fat, not increase testosterone.  In fact, he had another chapter in the book that talked about increasing testosterone and the PAGG stack was not mentioned at all.

It smells when I pee. What gives?

Lots of people suspect garlic…which is kinda logical. It stinks, and it causes your breath to stink.

However, I did a small experiment on myself and confirmed it to be Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) that’s causing it.

The stink never came across to me as a ‘galicky’ kind of stink. It smelled more acid-like. So, for a whole day, I took ALA out and didn’t notice the smell. The smell came back after putting it back into the stack the next day.

That probably explains why some people, including me, who are using Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack don’t get the smell. It uses R-ALA, the natural, higher quality version of ALA that the body readily absorbs. Standard ALA consists of both R-ALA and the synthetic version, S-ALA. I believe the smell is the result of out body purging S-ALA from our body…but don’t take my word for it.


Hope I helped. Feel free to visit some of the forums or contact me if you have any questions or feel that I’d left something out.

Happy 4HB-ing!


  1. Jas says

    Hey (:

    Must I really take it 4 times a day for effective results? I find the dosage a little heavy (& costly!) … I’m a 16yo female btw.


    1. Aaron says

      Hey Jas,

      Honestly, if you can’t or don’t want to afford it, it’s fine!

      Remember, these are ‘supplements’ and are supposed to help ‘supplement’ your plan. It’s not the ‘core’ plan. So, if you can, great, it’ll help you with your results. If not, no big deal…focus on the core, which is diet (like slow carbing) and exercise.

      As for the dosage, it may seem a little much, but remember even though these are in pill forms, they are mostly natural foods, like crushed and refined green tea leaves. Also, Tim derived these amounts from his own research, involving himself and a large group of people, that and the fact that there are no significantly negative side effects means that its safe.

      Good luck with your venture btw ^^

  2. ann L says

    I had gastric bypass surgery two years ago but my weight loss stopped twenty pounds short of my goal. According to my doctor I am still overweight and am considering  the PAGG plan as all other plans were less than satisfactory. Would this plan be safe for me and is there any precautions I would need to take. I am on crestor for colesterol ande spironalactone, a mild water pill. The over the counter supplements I take are pantaprazole, calcium citrate, multivitamin, stool softener, biotin, super b complex, sublingual B12,baby aspirin, omega 3-6-9,vitamin D,  resveritrol. please respond. thanks

    1. Aaron says

      Tim did mention to avoid PAGG with certain cancer treatments and medication though he didn’t include a reference to your specific drugs.

      However, I’m not a certified doctor, I would ask that you consult a doctor to make sure there are no clashes or causes for concern with your current medication. If there are no clashes then it shouldn’t be a problem.

      If you would allow me to be honest, I would also suggest that you do an honest review of your habits as well. At the end of the day, these are to supplement our efforts and the primary way to make any permanent changes are to improve our own living and eating habits.

      A good place to move this along would also be on the forums which I introduced in this post:

      I believe you’ll find lots of people with similar issues that can help you out. You’ll also find many who’ve lowered their colesterol following the 4 Hour Body.

      Good Luck!

  3. Sue says


    Just bought my first batch! Been on it for two days and have had acid reflux (which u mentioned) but also been getting really bad headaches in the evenings..

    I know previously when I was on the low carb diet I had really bad headaches too.. But they only lasted on and off for the 1st two weeks.. Then I think y body adapted to the diet.. Will it be the same with this? I don’t usualu get head aches so wanted to double check here..

    Also.. I bought mine as Pareto nutrition package, but no info came with it on recommended diet or exercise regime.. Does pagg stack have a suggested dietto follow?

    Many thanks


    1. Aaron says

      The PAGG Stack and Slow Carb Diet go together hand in hand, so I’d say the recommended diet would be the SCD. Tim created the PAGG Stack with the lack of side effects in mind, so it should be fine as a weight loss aid while on a sensible diet and a proper exercise regime.

      Some people have, like you, reported incidences of headaches. Even during normal days, headaches can be caused by dehydration or lack of blood sugar, the latter being the most likely cause if you’re following the SCD because of the lack of sugar from carbs.

      Also, breakfast is important, and be careful not to fast for too long, intentionally or otherwise (work, etc).

      See how it goes, but know that if it continues, you DO NOT have to use the PAGG Stack to lose weight. It’s to ‘supplement’ your weight loss efforts and the core should always be exercise and eating habits.

      Since I don’t have the problem and am not a medical professional, I suggest you

      1. Check out the forums here and read up on others who are experiencing the same thing
      2. Check with your doctor to see if there’s any clashes with any medicine you’re taking

  4. Ti says

    I have tried taking the PAGG supplements on several occassions, and have experienced insomnia and anxiety which I can only attribute to that change. I've also had rashes and slight headaches. I've tried looking for these side effects listed somewhere, but really couldn't fins them listed. Has anyone else ever experienced these side effects?

    1. Aaron says

      Which PAGG are you using?

      From the outset, it sounds like caffeine’s the culprit, but it should not be the case if you’re using the ones I recommended as it is decaf.

      If you bought them separately, do experiment to see which component is causing the exact symptoms.

      Most importantly however, know that PAGG is NOT essential to weightless. It is an ‘enhancer’. People react differently to different foods, so if it doesn’t work for you, focus on the core slow carb principals and you will do fine.

  5. Teresa says

    I took this for just over a week with one day off. I broke out like crazy . I hoped drinking more water would help but to no avail it did not. What else can I use

  6. Mike says

    Has anyone found a way to combine PAGG with IF? I have been searching high and low – I have found one post that says it's only useful to take prior to eating as it's purpose is to impact insulin response – if that's the case on IF I am eating essentially 1 big meal a day – should I only take 1 AGG and 1 PAGG a day or should I still take the other 2 AGG's as if it was a normal SCD day just without the food?



    1. Aaron says

      You should be able to take the PAGG stack without any food. The main concern is acid reflux from the alpha lipoic acid, though it should be less of a problem with R-ALA.

      You can try if you wish, do post your results here and on the forums. After all, the PAGG was designed to be used with the slow carb diet and I doubt anybody’s used it with IF.

  7. N says

    Hi Aaron! I just got the stack but mine has PAGG for day time and night time dosage. In other words it doesn’t skip P during the day and G during the night. Is it safe to try?

    1. Aaron says

      That shouldn’t be the case. I believe the entire package is called ‘PAGG’ but they’ve removed the required constituents for the day/night pills… unless they screwed up lol.

      which one did you get?

      1. N says

        You know what! I spoke too soon! You are right. On the face of the bottles it does say its PAGG for both day and night. But when I read the ingredients on the back, it is what it should be! Thank you for responding so quickly! I am not doing the diet anymore but since I had ordered this anyway while I still was, I am trying it out with workouts. I got this –

  8. James says

    I have bought the PAGG Stack from Zestlife through Amazon here in the UK.
    I have a slightly dodgy stomach at the best of times and have tried many supplements with some great results from normal thermogenics. As soon as I started taking the pagg stack I found my urine stank, and immediately got what I could only describe as heartburn and the feeling of being winded. I have had it with food and without food but haven’t found a pattern to when and/or why i get it as it isn’t every time.
    Hoping I get the results I’m looking for if I stick to it anyway..

    1. Aaron says

      that’s coz of the alpha lipoic acid. maybe consider the one I recommend because they’re using the better version of it and it should reduce the side effects

  9. Karlos says

    Hi Aaron,

    It’s now May 2016. Which PAGG stack is now the best?

    There is The Green Organics stack which has certified organic ingredients.

    There is Pareto Nutrition

    There is 4hB Stack which has no biotin because they say it makes it less effective

    There is also a few more others.

    I’ve been looking online and no comparisons have been done for a few years now.


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