Athletic Greens – The Positives


So, we talked about the bad points for Athletic Greens. Let’s proceed with the positives:


This was the biggest surprise. It tasted more really fruity, so if you’re the type that hates veggies and the taste of grass, AG should be no problems for you.

Disclaimer – that’s my opinion. I’m sure there will be some of you who’ll still hate the taste nonetheless. Can’t really help you there, except to maybe say that you could also try mixing it with your favourite juice, or if you’re avoiding fruit juices, to try adding a few drops of lemon juice. Makes a world of difference for all green drinks.


Quality and Quantity of Ingredients

A lot of people got the need for a variety of ingredients right. When they look at green superfood products, more ingredients usually mean better right?


The part that most people forget is the amount of each ingredient. 2 products can have, say, the same 90 ingredients, but can have different amounts of each that would tip the scale of the quality of the overall product.

Let’s not use AG as an example, since you’re probably getting tired of it. Let’s use 2 other products I recommend as alternatives: Green Vibrance and Amazing Grass. You don’t even need to look at the ingredients list to know there’s a difference; Using the same scoop, you get 12 grams of powder per serving of Green Vibrance, instead of the 8g for Amazing Grass. Looking at the ingredients list will then tell you that Amazing Grass has mostly greens with little herb and antioxidant support.

Atheltic Greens has this in spades. They have ingredients that are concentrated, which is good because you don’t have fibre as fillers, and have, in terms of amount, much more herbal and adaptagen support, compared to all the alternatives I’ve recommended. That, and little details, like a non-dairy scource of probiotics, makes AG stand out from the rest, just like how you’re getting more from a Mercedes Benz than a Hyundai.



The way I went about my review was to use each product for 10 days with a 7 day break between each product on a normal diet. Yeap, with junk food and everything.

To be frank, I was thinking about doing a 30 day test for each, because, well, this isn’t like drinking an energy drink, or coffee. They were not meant to be used as a pick-me-up. Like feeding fertilisers to plants, these products were designed to work at the core, improving the fundemantal building blocks of health in your body. I.E, for long-term benefits. I was lazy, and figured that I’d commit to a 5 month test only if I didn’t get any results from all 4 products, Needless to say I was surprised when I got some reaction from 3 of them, with the most obvious benefits in the shortest period of time from Athletic Greens.


Complaints – Seldom About Product

Go ahead, read the negative points and check out the comments in the full review of Athletic Greens. Noticed something? It’s seldom about the product. It’s almost always about the way they market the product or the customer service received. Just shows that the product itself is worth considering.


Where to Purchase (Disclaimer)

Athletic Greens
Amazon – International


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