Probiotics = Larger Balls?


Check out this article: Mice That Eat Yogurt Have Larger Testicles

Quick Summary:

1. Consuming probiotics is one way help improve your digestive health

There are a few ways to do this, through fermented foods like yoghurt, natto and sauerkraut, or through supplements. Because yoghurt is typically a dairy product however, you may want to stick to other fermented foods and supplements if you’re on the slow carb diet.

2. Improves Overall Health

It’s not just about digesting food better. Your digestive health effects your overrall well being, everything from your hair to your virility.

3. It benefits both males and females.

Ladies, you won’t grow balls or larger..hmm no clue about that, but in the test, the female mice gave birth to larger litters and were able to wean their young with greater success. For guys, it did say that the male mice could inseminate their partners at a faster rate….I believe it means better cooldown between sessions…as opposed to faster sessions… I hope. XD

So what are probiotics?

Typically, ‘Probiotics’ refer to the probiotic bacterias, aka ‘good’ bacteria. These are the organisms that help you digest your food (and cause you to fart). Some even protect you by inhibiting pathogens and bacteria that are not good for us.

Prebiotics on the other hand, is like food for good bacteria. It helps create a suitable environment for the probiotic organisms to thrive in.

Tim did mention that fermented products like Sauerkraut and Kimchi are good for gut health, as are high quality greens products like Athletic Greens.

Personally, apart from kimchi and some high quality greens, I’ve also been digging Natto. It’s a japanese staple made up of beans that have been fermented by a particular type of bacteria called Bacillus Subtilis. I must admit though, it’s acquired taste, kinda hard to describe, so don’t get too greedy when you first try it out.

Happy Eating and Gut Health =)




Natto, Sauerkraut, Kimchi. Check your local food stores or make your own if you’re feeling adventurous!

Green Superfood Supplements:

Most green supplements have probiotics as part of their formula. Check my recommendations in:
– Athletic Greens Review and Comparison
– Top 3 Athletic Greens Alternatives.


I suggest Now Food’s Gr8-Dophilus or Jarrow Formula’s Jarro-Dophilus DPS. If you’re into Raw, try Garden of Life’s Primal Defence range of products. Note that because these are live cultures, some products need to be shipped with ice and kept cold. The products I’ve recommended are the stabilised form, no cooling needed, for convenience. In my opinion, the difference in effectiveness is neglible, so it’s better to keep things simple and convenient.

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