Real PAGG Review


Another company providing the PAGG Stack. Another copycat? Real PAGG claims that they take great pride in delivering industry leading products of the highest quality.

Let’s put that claim to the test.


1. Ingredients and Dosage

Policosanol, 23mg

It has 23mg of Policosanol , the exact amount specified in the book.


Alpha Lipoic Acid, 100-300mg, or 50-150mg R-ALA

To learn why R-ALA is better, Click Here

Real PAGG’s day stack contains only 200mg of the cheaper standard ALA. The night stack however, contains the full 300mg.


Green Tea Extract, 325mg EGCG 

To learn more about getting the right amount of EGCG, click here

The day stack contains only 135mg of EGCG. That’s less than half, only 41.5% of what’s recommended.


Garlic Extract, 200mg Aged Garlic Extract (Allicin Potential, S-Allyl Cysteine)

Real PAGG has 200mg of the garlic extract for the night stack, but only 100mg, half of what’s recommended, for the night stack. Can’t tell if they’re using the aged variety however, because there’s no indication. You need extracts from aged garlic because of S-Allyl Cysteine, which is the pre-cursor to Allicin, the active ingredient in question.


Additional Vitamin B

Real PAGG 100mcg of Biotin, a form of Vitamin B Complex, for both it’s day and night stacks.

2. Convenience

1 day tablet per meal, 1 tablet just before sleep. Total of 4 a day.

3. Manufacturing Quality and Relevance

A Brief Description of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Food Grade GMP
Due to the random nature of food, discrepencies in actual nutritional values allowed (2 oranges, same amount of Vitamin C each?)
Pharmaceutical Grade GMP
Standard used to manufacturing medicine, no deviations allowed. If the label says 5mg, it must be tested to have 5mg, no more, no less.

Though they do not mention any GMP certification, Real PAGG’s stacks are manufactured in a US FDA registered facility.

They followed the changes in outlined in Tim’s blog post, which is mainly the removal of green tea for the night stack, but as you can see from above, they are sorely lacking in quite a few ingredients. Relevant? I doubt so.

4. Cost (US$)

1 month supply = 26 days worth

1 Month Supply – $59.99
2 Month Supply – $109.99  or  $55/mth
3 Month Supply – $159.99  or  $53/mth
4 Month Supply – $199.99  or  $50/mth

Free delivery within the US

5. Summary and Conclusion

In summary:

  • Pretty Safe – US FDA registered manufacturing facility
  • Convenient – Great for everyday and travel use
  • Normal Ingredient – You get the cheaper, standard ALA instead of the more natural and efficient R-ALA
  • Lack of Ingredients – You get less than half the recommended EGCG amount, 200mg instead of 300mg ALA for the day stack and half the recommended amount of garlic extract.

I guess it’s pretty easy to sum this up: you pay for what you get. At US$50 – US$59.99/mth, with US free delivery, it’s the cheapest PAGG solution by far. It’s also the most lacking. Even if you decide to get the cheapest package and then top up the ingredients that are lacking, you’ll easily bring up the cost to at least $75/mth.

Normal ingredients, with a huge deficit on almost all of it. Then you have the dodgy, unprofessional presentation.

Honestly, why bother?

There’s already 2 great companies making high quality, convenient PAGG Stacks at a very affordable pricing. Long story short, just stick with Pareto’s or Newhealth’s PAGG Stack.


Where to get:
Pareto Nutrition’s PAGG Stack – Click Here
Newhealth Solutions PAGG Stack – Click here
Real PAGG’s Stack – No Longer Sold

Get the PAGG Stack Seperately in the US – Amazon
Get the PAGG Stack Seperately Woldwide – iHerb
Use the code ‘ZEL439‘ at iHerb to save 10% off your first purchase and 5% off future orders!

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