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I see quite a few people (*cough*ladies*) saying they’d like to skip cheat days entirely.

The concern is that, wouldn’t eating too much crap undo all the work I’ve done for the past 6 days? (once a week)

Tim did explain that we must spike our caloric intake at least once a week to keep metabolism rates high. Not doing so actually forces the body into ‘starvation’ mode…and you don’t want that to happen because it’s an ancient system built into our body to help us survive when there’s a lack of food.

In other words, if you don’t spike your caloric intake at least once a week, you’re training your body to Store Fat. Eat up my dear friend!, and enjoy!

That said however, some of us might want to add some semblence of control even as we go all out on our cheat days yes?

Enter: Phase 2, The White Kidney Bean Extract.

Apparently, Phase 2 prevents the body from cutting carbohydrates down into glucose, or simple sugars. It’s these simple sugars that rick getting stored as fat. No glucose, no fat.

So, why the extract…why not just eat them beans? Doesn’t the Slow Carb Diet ask for legumes (beans are a form of legumes) anyway?

Actually, You can. In this case however, to get enough Phase 2 to be useful, you’d need to eat A LOT of beans.

OK. Stop. No. This is not a green light to eat carbs on your normal slow carb day. I thought I’d share with you a way to *help* cut down carbohydrate adsorbtion on your cheat days…

Also, because you WANT a calorie spikes on cheat days, I suggest taking 1 capsule before the meal instead of the recommended 2, to block out some of the carbs. Of course, do play by ear, go ahead with the 2 capsules if you’ve have a whole day of madness.

Now that’s cleared, feel free to learn more by watching Dr Oz’s Video on the subject by clicking here.

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