Prevent Cancer with Vitamin D – Dr Oz


TIm Ferriss recommended taking Vitamin D as a way to increase testosterone levels in the male body…helping with your ‘manliness’..for guys.

Actually, it’s much more important, for both males and females.

It’s also a very powerful antioxidant that prevents cancers by helping cancer cells commit hari kiri.

Dr Oz has a very good video (below) where he explains how this works,

Here’s the short version:

  • Lots of studies show Vitamin D is a key anti-cancer vitamin
  • Helps cancer cells self destruct
  • Half of people in the US (and the world?) are Vitamin D deficient
  • Supplementation is the most efficient way to obtain Vitamin D apart from sun exposure
  • 1,000 IU per day is a good place to start

Another thing, it’s really affordable!

A bottle of 5000 IU Vitamin D with 120 capsules is about $7. Following Tim’s recommendation of 2000-5000iu, twice a day, that’s just $7 for 2 months!

Where to Purchase
Within US: from Amazon
Outside US: from iHerb
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Click on the screenshot to watch the video:


  1. andrea fox says

    Vitamin D is extremely important. However, you can’t continue a lifestyle of eating white flour and sugar and exposing yourself to toxins in food air and water and expect Vitamin D to prevent illness. Vitamin A, C and E are very crucial and need to be taken in proportion to each other and Vitamin D3

  2. Aaron says

    Agreed…and therein lies a lesson:

    There's no such thing as a magic bullet. Everything plays a role, food, exercise and supplementation.

    Also, vitamins' effectiveness increases exponentially when they work together, like a hospital with very good specialists.

    In this case, Vitamin D would most likely be the cancer specialist.

    Really, what this video is doing is not saying that Vitamin D is a miracle worker, but to highlight the importance of Vitamin D in it's anti-cancer role by making sure such cells self-destruct.

    That said, if you look at the supplement facts on most Multi-vits, there's not a lot of Vit-D inside, so do take note.

    Thanks Andrea!

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