Prograde BCAA Supplement Review



Welcome, to my shortest and laziest review ever!

Product in question? Prograde’s BCAA Supplement.

BCAAs, or Branched Chained Amino Acids are gaining popularity because it’s thought to do the following:

  • Support the body’s immune system under stress (from workouts/diets)
  • Reduce sores and fatigue, improving recovery
  • Prevents lean muscle loss
  • Encourages lean muscle growth

So, here’s the quick rundown:


Ingredients & Dosage:

2 capsules gives you:

500mg L-Leucine
250mg L-Isoleucine
250mg L-Valine

So a total of 1000mg or 1gram of BCAA every 2 capsules.


Cost (US$):

Each bottle comes with 200 capsules.

1 Bottle Monthly Autoship – $31.95
1 Bottle – $39.95
3 Bottles – $89.85 or $29.95/bottle
6 Bottles – $179.95 or $21.99/bottle



Too Expensive. For the same price if not lower, you can get Optimum Nutrition’s BCAA with the exact same ingredients and dosage, but with twice the volume. And it’s not like there’s a real difference between the 2.

In other words, with Optimum Nutrition, you get 400 capsules of BCAA with the exact same dosage for less than $30/bottle.

No, really. I’m not flaming. Not a fan of Prograde’s selling tactics but they do make great products and provide buttloads of useful information. In this case however, the only reason to recommend it is because of the much higher commissions you get as an affiliate (notice more and more health ‘gurus’ pushing their products nowadays?).

Talk about full discosures eh? 😉

Feel free check out other Prograde products. For BCAAs however, stick to the bestseller, which just so happen to be much cheaper, be just as good and backed by a stellar track record.


Where to Purchase

Prograde BCAA, 200 capsules
US and Worldwide – Click here

Optimum Nutrition BCAA Megasize, 400 capsules
Within US: from
Outside the US: from
Use the code ‘ZEL439‘ at to save US$5 off your 1st purchase





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