World’s Fastest Workout (Just 4 Minutes!)


I’m lazy.

So, I decided to look for a workout where I could get:

* As much workout as I can
* In the least amount of time possible (my target was around 5 minutes)

Found the following video which is based on the Tabata Protocol. It’s a form of high intensity workout that is shown to have the same effectiveness as many long, time consuming regimes.

So, in just a few minutes, you can get similar anaerobic, aerobic and metabolic benefits. (Wiki Link + Research)

‘Oh… reeaaally..’ you say?

Try it. You’ll understand…it’s only 4 minutes ^^

(I’ll be stacking this with my kettlebell swings for some added kick)

So here it is, the World’s Fastest Workout


  1. New John says

    I have not tried this yet but am definitely intrigued by it: Max Capacity Training
    It uses a small set of exercises in three different protocols: 50-10, Tabata, and Time Attack.
    It is longer than the one you point to — 16 min. / day, 3 days / week— but offers a slightly wider variety of movements.
    I guess it depends on which of short-as-possible or still-short-but-varied is your primary focus.

    1. Aaron says

      Hmm after looking through them I realise 1 major difference:

      The 4 minute workout’s focus to increase your short term metabolism, while the Max Capacity training, will not only increase metabolism, stamina as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d find better muscle toning capabilities as well.

      I have to admit though, I’ve not been doing any 4minute or bells these 2 weeks.

      Still losing weight! 3 Cheers for 4HB!

      Also, thanks for the heads up!

  2. Justin says

    I blogged about the benifits of HIIT
    Been doing 10-15 HIIT workouts and took 1 minutes off  my 1km running pace from 6mins to 5mins.
    You can accomplish so much in 10 minutes (5 in your case).  
    Personally I am addicted to working out and probably over train, but its fun.

    1. Aaron says like to over train?

      How a warrant officer helped me drop my 2.4km timing from 11.30mins to 9.31mins in 3 weeks:

      Every alternate day, for about an hour, run a 1.3km, 11 obstacle course with about 10kg of gear and start from the beginning everytime you get stuck at an obstacle.

      Definitely not as tough as the marines or the seals, but that was the best physical shape I’ve ever been.

      Good times ^^

      Hmm..there’s this 8 week beachbody workout…maybe I should star the 3 week army body. Hah!

      Great article btw, thanks for bringing it to my attention

  3. Helen says

    Has anyone tried the 4 minute workout and if so what kind of results did you get?

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