Abs, Peanuts and Pillows


For getting that killer 6 pack on our abs, Tim Ferriss recommends that we do at least 10 myotatic crunches (video below). Normally, people would use a BOSU , or a half exercise ball.

BOSU’s tend to be a little on the expensive side…and it seems to take up a lot of space.

Been searching the internet and guess what I came across? Yeap…you see that picture above? Weird looking thing isn’t it?

It’s called a ‘Peanut Exercise Ball‘, or the ‘Peanut’, for short.

Great thing is, it’s about 1/3 or less the price of a BOSU, and it’s much more compact then both the BOSU and the traditional exercise ball. Just make it upright and you can tuck away it in a corner.

Great for you guys in the US…and the rest of the world. I tried looking for one in Singapore and everyone thought I was crazy. I’m stuck with my pillows for now I guess

Check out my ‘Peallows’ :

Comfy looking bed yea?

Now you know why I’m always late =D

Been doing the myotatic crunch for 3 days in a row now. Abs are a little bit sore…bit it’s the good kind of sore because you can feel them abs rippin’!

Where To Get:
Within US: from Amazon.com (BOSU) (Peanut Exercise Ball)


How the myotatic crunch looks like with a BOSU

  1. JPRaadt says

    I’ve been calling around my town, and I can’t seem to find one of those peanuts *anywhere*! I suppose I could order from amazon, but that’s a bit of a pain. I’ve done the myotatic crunch using the BOSU at the gym, and it’s fantastic! It’s incredible the difference vs. standard sit-ups/crunches.

    I tried doing the pillow-stack a couple of times, but only ended up with a total wedgie and strange looks from my girlfriend. Have you had much difficulty getting the pillows to work for you?

    1. Aaron says

      Lol you can hear the ‘this guy’s crazy’ through the phone eh?

      I think it’s more of a convenience and price thing for me. I’d get the peanut given if I had the chance..cheaper and easier to store than a BOSU

      I guess you need to play around with the pillows a bit. Notice the bolster on top? I find that as the most stable setup..for me at least. Then because they are all soft I needed another 3 pillows to prop it up. I use my legs for balance as well.

      Ask your girlfriend to join in ;-D

  2. I'm on week 3 and am loving the #4hb life! WOOT! I have a Google Alert set up for Four Hour Body and it today, it brought me here today so I could see your flesh-covered penis-shaped exercise thingy.
    Suddenly exercising doesn't seem so bad!! 😉  

    1. Aaron says

      Motivation can come in all forms, shapes and sizes =)

  3. rudy says

    what size peanut do you recommend best for the 4hb myotatic crunch to replace the Bosu?

    1. Aaron says

      Honestly….I have no idea…because I can’t get one where I’m at!

      However, I noticed that most ‘packaged’ peanuts, those with exercise DVDs and stuff, tend to have the 60cm one as a package.

      So, unless you’re larger than most adults, I suspect 60cm would do just fine.

      That said, if you feel like dropping the suppliers an email, please do, I’m sure they’re in a very good position to answer that question.

      Thanks for your trust though ^^

  4. Tim says

    If getting the Bosu for crunches, is it OK to get the smaller 45cm one, or is it best to get the larger one 55cm one which is almost double the price on Amazon. I am 6'2" tall….

    1. Aaron says

      You may need the larger one so that you get better support while doing the exercise, I feel.

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