Platypus Big Zip SL Review (Hydration Pack/Bladder)


Did a half day hike at Gunang Datuk over the weekend.

It’s a small 870m mountain in western Malaysia. It’s open to anyone though it’s not too easy because the whole climb is pretty steep.

I’ve always carried 2 water bottles for such climbs and I wanted to try one of those hydration packs where you fill it up, put it into your backpack and drink from a mouthpiece. Seemed practical because the weight of the water is spread over your back, so there’s little strain, and it looked cool as well.

I bought the Platypus Big Zip SL 3L pack based on online reviews and a recommendation at the outdoorsy store that I frequent. No regrets.

One of the main problems with other hydration packs is the plasticky taste and smell you get if the water stays in it for some time. I remember having that taste when I shared some water from from these packs (squeezed out of the mouthpiece…) awhile back and I’m glad to report that this does not happen with the Platypus Big Zip SL. The day before the climb, I took it out of the packaging, gave it a quick rinse, filled it up and had no taste when the climb started about 16 hours later.

An interesting feature of this pack is it’s zip based opening. Some may or may not like it. I initially prefered the caps as it seemed more secure but now that I’ve used the zip system, I think it’s a little better, because the hole is bigger. So, it’s easier to fill up, is big enough for putting ice packs in and it’s very accessible when cleaning the innards. The handle is a convenient touch, making it easy to carry around when not inside a bag.

The mouthpiece is easy to use and lock, just a gentle bite to get the water flowing and a simple twist to lock the flow.

A small complaint though, I’d love to have a larger flow of water…but then I’d be comparing the mouthpiece with the experience of simply pouring water into my mouth..not a fair comparison I’d guess =D

Another great thing with this pack is that the tubes are removable. You’d think that this is a standard feature is all hydration packs, but I later found out that there are some whose with fixed tubes. Removable tubes are great for convenience and hygiene.

I’d recommend getting the larger 2L or 3L ones because you can just fold it in if the full volume isn’t need and it’ll still be handy when the occasion calls for larger volumes of water to be carried.

Like I said, no regrets. A great, hygienic and easy to use hydration pack. I look forward to using this for my future trips.


Where To Purchase

Within the US:

Singapore: Campers Corner, 51 Waterloo Street, #01-01, Singapore 187969, Tel: (65) 6337 4743


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