Sesame Spinach


Luckily for my parents and I, I’ve always liked veggies, with spinach being one of my favourites.

The first time I tried canned spinach was when I first started the slow carb diet from the 4 Hour Body. Eck. I hated it. Yea, sure, it’s convenient, but I couldn’t imagine myself downing this for more than a couple of days.

Thankfully, I remembered a cold dish I had in on of our local restaurents.

It’s easy to make, tasty and you can make a large batch to keep in the fridge.

Hope you guys like it!


Sesame Spinach

1 pkt – Spinach (approx 300g or 1lb)
1 tbsp – Sesame Seeds (white, black or mixed)
3 tbsp – Sesame Oil
1 tbsp – soy sauce OR 1 tsp salt

1. Preperation

After cutting the roots of the spinach and washing it, I like to cut the whole plant into quarts. Half it to seperate the stems from the leaves, then half the stems and leaves again. Prepare some ice water for the blanched spinach later on.

2. Toast Sesame Seeds

If you haven’t already done it, just drop the seeds into a med-high non-stick frying pan. No oil required. Do stir or shake the pan constantly as it tends to get roasted pretty quickly. They should start popping after awhile, the white ones will start to brown and you’ll get a nice roasty aroma. Set aside.

3. Spinach

Bring a pot of lightly salted water to boil. Drop the stems in for about 10 seconds, then drop in the leaves. After about 20 seconds, remove everything and rinse it in ice water, or tap water if you’re lazy. Squeeze the excess water out.

4. Toss, eat, keep

Throw the spinach, sesame oil, sesame seeds and soy sauce (or salt, depending on how strict you are) and mix well. Enjoy and feel free to keep them in the fridge.

I usually prepare about 1kg or 3lbs at a time and it lasts me for roughly 4 days, 2-3 meals a day. Try this first with a small batch and if you like it, go crazy.

A toast for a tastier spinach breakfast eh? 😉

  1. Jason says

    This looks reall good.  I like anything that involves spinach and asian flare. 🙂
    Thanks for posting it!

    1. Aaron says

      NP and thanks for dropping by again!

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