Slow Carb Refried Beans


I realised a couple of weeks ago that I’ve never had refried beans in my life.

Never. Really.

Boy have I been missing out!

Strange that I’ve never thought of giving it a go even though eveyone’s talking about it.

So, I looked around for a few recipes and realised that it’s one of those dishes that takes some time but is actually very easy to prepare. Great for making a batch of it to use for the week while on the slow carb diet.

Here’s a video that shows just how easy it is to make:


He says it’s not vegetarian because he uses bacon grease to add flavour (yum!), though I find that ghee or clarified butter, the one Tim recommended for cooking eggs with, works very well as a vegetarian alternative.

I love my garlic and onions. Just chop them up and stir fry them in the oil before adding the beans. I like to cook the onions first until it becomes fragrant and transparent before adding the garlic as it browns pretty quickly.

Apparently you can use black turtle beans as well. Try them out, maybe even give them a mix and see how you like them.


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  1. jamie says

    This is a great video. It's very simple, but it explains the small details well.  Cooking your own beans from dry beans is a totally different experience. Much better. Black, pinto, garbanzo, whatever. They are all much better when you do it yourself. It's easier and cheaper to boot. Enjoy in good health. 

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