Slow Carb Shabu Shabu


How about a slow carb celebration?

Let me introduce to you one of the most enjoyable ways to eat – the Japanese steamboat, also called ‘Shabu Shabu’.

The name comes from the sound it makes as you swirl your sliced meat around in the hot soup.

A very simple meal to have on your own, with a spouse or with a group of friends.

Also surprisingly slow carb friendly.

Do take note that the sesame and ponzu (citrus) sauces, usually have some sugar and lime/lemon juice in them, so adjust according to your level of restriction. Instead of buying them however, you can choose to make some on your own (especially the sesame one). I’ve never done that…so good luck. =D

Ingredients for 1 person:

300g Slice Beef or Sliced Pork Belly/Collar or mixture of both
1 bunch Shungiku – Edible Chrysanthemum
1 bunch Mizuna – Pot Herb Mustard
1-2 sticks Leek / Welsh Onion
Mushrooms. I like Enoki, Shitaki and King mushrooms
1 pkt Shirataki Noodles (Carb, Calorie free noodles, optional but goes well with the soup)
1pc Konbu (dried kelp)
50ml Cooking Sake
1 teaspoon salt

It’s very expensive for me to get Shingiku and Mizuna so I usually just stick to Leeks. You should be able to find pre-prepared shabu cuts of beef and pork in most supermarkets. I sometimes use the sukiyaki cuts as well. Feel free to have a mix of pork and beef if you’re greedy like me. Also, if you’re ok with soy, feel free to prepare some edamame, or soy beans, to be part of the meal.

1. For the stock, stick a 2 inch piece of Konbu into 500ml of water and let it soak for about 30 minutes

2. Cut the veggies and mushrooms into manageble portions and arrange them nicely on a platter. For Shirataki Noodle preperation, Click Here

3. Add salt and cooking sake into the stock. Remove the Konbu once it boils.

4. Put all the veggies in first. The meats cook very quickly and if you’re a purist, you can follow the Japs by eating the meat when it’s still slightly pink. Even if you don’t like it pink, don’t cook it for too long or it’ll get tough and won’t be as nice. I like to add the noodles last, when the soup is most flavourful.

Here’s a embedded video that shows the whole process very nicely. Note that the ponzu and sesame dips contain ingredients that are not Slow Carb friendly, though I do have them even on my slow carb days because it’s to add a little flavour, but don’t worry, it’s really delicious even on it’s own!

Bon Appetite!



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