Binge #14, Weigh In, PAGG Stack Rest


Not much change in weight this week. Added 200grams in fact.

Final weight – 87.6kg.

No matter.

I wore a pretty form fitting shirt that I’ve not worn for a long time this week..and felt good about it!

I can feel the exercises working on my sholders, back and a little on the abs and thighs.

Still quite a bit of fatz on my belly and thighs. Looking forward to their departure.

This was also my PAGG Stack rest week. I didn’t know about the bi-monthly rest week until somebody mentioned it on 4hbtalk.

And…finally had some Dim Sum!


9th April 2011 – PAGG Rest


Mcdonalds, Breakfast Deluxe + Hash Browns + Lipton Tea
Grapefruit Juice


Dim Sum + Jasmine Rose Tea (ahh….)


Small Fish & Chips
World’s Fastest Workout + 50x 16kg kettlebell swings


Dry Instant Noodles+ Luncheon Meat + Egg
Lay’s Classic

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