Jennifer Aniston on the Slow Carb Diet?


Oh wow. Even the superstars are onto the Slow Carb Diet now?

Check this out, from the article ‘Jennifer Aniston’s Skinny Secrets‘ :

“…According to her nutritionist Carrie Wiatt, prior to landing her stint on “Friends”… For Jennifer, the key was high protein and low carbs, with plenty of vegetables and fruit and no processed foods,” Wiatt tells Life & Style. “It’s an understatement to say Jen has maintained her weight beautifully.”

Wait. Prior her stint with “Friends”. That’s before 1994!

O-K, so she isn’t technically on the Slow Carb Diet but think about it… high protein.. low carbs… plenty of vegetables… sounds familiar doesn’t it? It’s a very similar concept.

Talk about giving credence to the Slow Carb Diet. Minus the fruits of course.

And for those of you who are still frightened by the idea of having cheat days…

“…The actress has also admitted that she doesn’t starve herself, and when she feels like indulging, as she once told ABC News, “I pretty much go to grease, fried foods. Salt…”

What re you waiting for? Cheat away fellas!

Here’s the article: Jennifer Aniston’s Skinny Secrets


  1. Gareth @ The 4-Hour Shop says

    I recently watched a UK documentary on the Atkins diet ( – available if in UK, or via a UK proxy). If I remember correctly, Jennifer Aniston was given as one of the examples of the Hollywood set using Atkins (low carbs) rather than her being an early adopter of what Tim Ferriss has christened the Slow-Carb Diet.

    1. Aaron says

      Yeap, I believe she is.

      I was pointing out the similarities between the 2 diets.

      1. Gareth @ The 4-Hour Shop says

        And like much Hollywood gossip, also read that she's on the Zone Diet…

        1. Aaron says

          Hmm…The zone diet’s also high protein low carb yes? Difference you have to get their special fish oil, ‘zone protein’ and green veggie pill

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