Slow Carb Dim Sum Fail


Looks delicious doesn’t it?

It’s one of my favourite Dim Sum dishes, the ‘Siew Mai’, or the open faced dumpling.

It’s basically pork, mushrooms and prawns and generally slow carb friendly except for constarch, water chestnut and flour from the skin.

So, I tried making some without adding the starches and chestnut.

I got the taste right but it’s too hard and dry…I steamed it on a plate and it was like a dim sum marsh..the juices were everywhere but in the dumplings =~(

I believe it’s because it doesn’t have the skin on to keep the juices in. Gonna experiment with some protein based covers that I can find or invent.

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  1. sasha says

    you could try bean curd skin those used to make ngah hiang?

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