Good, Cheap Kettlebells in Singapore (and maybe the region)


One of the equipment recommended in the book for time-saving exercises is the Kettlebell. I checked out the link from the book…and it costs a bomb to have one purchased and delivered. Obviously, I had to look for local alternatives.

So far, I’ve found three main kettlebell resellers in Singapore.


Nutrition Park Singapore

An online supplement store based in Singapore.

Their kettlebells are the cheapest, but I believe also the lowest in quality. The main problem lies with the handles: it’s rough cast iron. I’ve not tried it myself, honestly, but it looks like it could do some damage with certain kettlebell swings where it may cause the handle to rub against the palm.

My thoughts
Not recommended, savings does not justify sacrifice in quality.

4kg – S$ 25.50
8kg – S$ 49.90
12kg – S$ 65
16kg – S$ 95
20kg – S$ 109.90
40kg – S$ 205

Free local delivery is available above S$60 (afternoon), S$100 (morning, night), S$300 (1hr express)
International delivery is available, please enquire about delivery to your home.

Click here to visit Nutrition Park


Singapore Kettlebells

Apart from selling kettlebells, Singapore Kettlebells also give classes and also provide personal training services for weight loss and strength training.

The kettlebells sold here seem to be of a higher quality, with a smooth finish to their handles. Each bell is coloured according to its weight. These are also pro-grade bells, which mean that it’s made of stainless steel and the size remains the same despite the difference in weight. This ensures that your technique remains the same as you progress to heavier bells.

They have packages, which is good value if you intend to purchase a whole set of bells.

My thoughts
Good Pro Grade packages. Go ahead if you’re getting more than one and spending above S$250 (free local delivery) or if you’re in the region. Read on if you’re just interested in single bells and/or not spending above S$250

8kg – S$ 70
12kg – S$ 88
16kg – S$ 106
20kg – S$ 124
24kg – S$ 142
28kg – S$ 160
32kg – S$ 178
Adjustable – S$140


Female Package (6kg + 8kg + 12kg) – S$185, Save additional S$30
Male Beginner     (12kg + 16kg + 20kg) – S$288, Save additional S$30
Male Pro Grade   (16kg + 20kg + 24kg) – S$340, Save additional S$32
Male Pro Classic (16kg + 24kg + 32kg) – S$400, Save additional S$26
Total Kettlebell     (All bells 6kg – 32kg) – S$778, Save additional S$90

Delivery: S$15
Free Delivery for orders above $250
International delivery is available, please enquire about delivery to your home.

Click here to visit Singapore Kettlebells


Kettlebells H.I.T Singapore  (My Choice)

Home –
(Use code 4hbsupplies to get additional 5% discount!)

My personal choice for purchasing kettlebells. Got my 16kg bell here. H.I.T = High Intensity Training.

Kettlebells H.I.T is not just an online fitness equipment store, but a full fledged kettlebell gym as well. They have a team of trainers that provide regular classes for groups or personal training. Thing is, I’m very impressed by their rates and equipment prices!

Their kettlebells are made in partnership with Aibi Fitness. Yeap, that regional fitness giant. Manufactured to pro-grade standards, their bells are made with stainless steel, have a smooth handle and are the size even at different weights, allowing you to maintain your technique as you progress to heavier bells.

I bought a 16kg bell and it was delivered to me by David, on of the personal trainers there. What a character! He’s very enthusiastic about the bell…he kept telling me about the benefits and even proceeded to do a short demo in my house! He also reminded me to sign up for the free introductory course that comes with the purchase of every kettlebell.

My thoughts
Best quality bells, best prices, nice people. Already the best price with free delivery, get additional 5% discount when you use the code 4hbsupplies now!

Cardio bells are by Reebok and are marked (cardio)
Pro-Grade Aibi bells are marked as (pro)

3kg (cardio) – S$ 37.40
6kg (cardio) – S$ 45.05
8kg (cardio) – S$ 60.35
8kg (pro) – S$ 68
10kg (pro) – S$ 76.50
12kg (pro) – S$ 85
14kg (pro) – S$ 93.50
16kg (pro) – S$ 102
20kg (pro) – S$ 119
24kg (pro) – S$ 136
28kg (pro) – S$ 153
32kg (pro) – S$ 170
36kg (pro) – S$ 204
40kg (pro) – S$ 238
44kg (pro) – S$ 280.50
48kg (pro) – S$ 323

Free local delivery within 3 days
International delivery currently not available.
Free introductory class with every pro-grade kettlebell purchase

Get now at
Use code 4hbsupplies to get additional 5% discount!

Discount applies to the following products:
GymBoss, Kettlebell Packages, Pro Grade Kettlebells, Battling Ropes and Weight Lifting Shoes


  1. Justin says

    For Americans they are really cheap at walmart, and ship to the store is free
    $77 for 60lbs or 27kg

    1. Aaron says

      Good deal!

      Does it come with free international shipping?


  2. Chris says

    I recommend Christian's Fitness Factory out of Lancaster, PA. I purchased a CFF brand 24kg/53lb kettlebell with a smooth black enamel finish. I paid $55.44 for the kettlebell and 24.95 for shipping. $80.39 total. Ordered it on Thursday, March 24th and it arrived on my doorstep Saturday, March 26th. Here's the link:
    Cheap price, good quality, great service.

  3. Mei says

    Great advice! Thanks for this.. just ordered my Kettlebells.

    1. Aaron says

      glad to be of service ^^

  4. YW says

    Hi, could not find the adjustable kettlebell on store.

    1. Aaron says

      Adjustable kettlebells?

  5. YW says

    As per the paragraph above => Adjustable – S$140

    1. Aaron says

      Hmm yea they used to have it, I’ll check back with you soon

      1. YW says

        Thanks Aaron.

        1. Aaron says

          They stopped selling it =(

  6. chris says

    I recomend for best pricing.  they also have ebay presence with sometimes lower prices  and low to free shipping.   Wide handles.   I have ordered 3 times and have nothing negative to say about them. 

  7. Lesley says

    I live in HK originally from Singapore.  It was not available here.  is there a on line forum where you can buy them 2nd hand and I can have someone ship it over to Hong Kong?  They are expensive.  Alot cheaper in Australia but I don't know anyone there 🙁

    1. Aaron says

      The problem with kettlebells is postage cost because of it’s weight… You can try hardwarezone and vr-zone forums but I doubt the individual seller would want to deliver overseas.

      The last time I checked, Singapore Kettlebells and Nutritionpark had itnernational delivery, you wanna give it a try?

      I did a search on ebay hk and thought this was pretty cool with neoprene covering for safety, price seems reasonable as well –

      Ebay’s like the wiki for buying stuff hahaha

      Otherwise, you should consider the homemade option on page 172 of the book

  8. Bryan says

    I think Kettlebells H.I.T Singapore is closed. Any alternatives?


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