Ice Ice Agey…


Guess what.

I’ve just remembered that my family’s got 6 free reusable ice packs!

Courtesy of the previous tenant. Hahaha…so why waste eh?

Just read through the Ice Age chapter and decided that I’d give it a try.

I tried the cold shower…I still prefer the good’ol a hot shower…and my house ain’t got no bath tubs. =(

I doubt I would have liked the ice bath anyway.

So, from today, I’ll be using 2 ice packs daily, one on top of the chest and one at the back of the neck, for at least 20-30 minutes each time, as recommended in the book.

I’d be drinking the morning 500ml glass of ice water as well.

Let’s see what happens.



I just realised that this wouldn’t work… simply because of the way the body works.

The reason why we lose our digits and limbs in the extreme cold first is because the body pulls blood back to keep the vital organs warm. So, my idea of cooling the legs wouldn’t work…because the body won’t be using energy to try and heat it up!

Back to square one I guess lol…

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