Me No Hungry


I’ve been following the Slow Carb diet for about 2 1/2 months now.

Apart from the weight loss and better body, I’ve noticed something really perculiar…

I’m seldom hungry and I’ve got little or no cravings.

I’m full most of the time. Even on my binge days I notice that I’m not eating as much as I used to.

As diets go…it’s damn cool!

Think about it: What’s the main problem with most diets?

Adherence. Sticking to the plan. Following it through.

What causes it?

Hunger. Cravings. Chips and pizza talking.

I’m getting none of that. Even when I do get the occasional ‘ooh…I’d love to have some of that’ moments, I’m able to hold myself back, very easily I might add.

Just like what a lady in Tim’s own test group noted, knowing that you can have whatever you want on your WOOHOO (binge) day helps. You’re not suddenly cutting out all the food that you love. You’re having them in moderation (hmm..well…). It’s like having your cake and being able to eat it as well.

And it’s hassle free. No calorie counting. Even if you’re out, as long as you follow the basic rules you’re fine.

Easy to understand, easy to follow, no cravings, hassle free…


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