New John on Weight Watchers, Atkins and 4HB


Still on the fence for the 4 Hour Body?

Or, maybe, you would like some information and opinions on other weight loss programs out there?

Now’s a good time to check out follow 4HB blogger ‘New John for a New Year

He talks about his experience on programs like the Weight Watchers forum and the Atkins Diet.

I’m sure you’ll find them very useful.

Direct links:

Atkins Diet Review

Attitude: Honesty, and Program Review: Weight Watchers

Program Review: 4 Hour Body


  1. New John says

    Thanks for the links, Aaron! =)
    Got any ideas about good sources for zero0carb whey powder?
    Keep up the great work. =)

  2. Aaron says

    No problems boss ^^

    I'll keep a lookout for them zero carb wheys

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