Binge #12


I usually arrange my binge to be on Saturdays so that I can enjoy myself fully when I’m out together with my friends.

This week’s a little different though: Yesterday’s my younger sister’s birthday. Can’t reject a birthday dinner and cakes yea?

So, I’ve pushed it forward by 1 day. No biggie really.

25th March 2011


24g Whey Protein + Fibogel


Mcdonalds, Mcgrill + Upsized Coke and Fries
Apple Pie
Damage Control Exercise


Pork Ribs + Fries and Salad
Baked Potato Skins + Bacon + Cheese
Free Flow of Bread + Butter + Olive Oil
Chocolate Cake
Yerba Mate Tea


Haagan Daz’s Rum & Raisin + Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream (1 scoop each),
Hyuganatsu Orange Ice Cream ( heavenly~~ )


Talk about a pigout…3 scoops of ice cream for supper!

Just goes to show two fantastic advantages of the Slow Carb Diet – Flexibility and Enjoyment.

I’m not going to reject enjoying my sister’s birthday celebration just because I scheduled my binge day a little differently!

And remember… it is absolutely encouraged to binge!

Not just for the sake of it of course. It works for both psychological and physiological reasons, on both the body and mind.

Enjoy ^^


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